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How Labor And Employment Laws Protect Workers

Most people spend at least a third of every day at work; half if we don’t count time asleep. Both state and federal laws provide protections for employees so that the place where we spend most of our time does not infringe on our basic rights. From the hiring process to the everyday conditions under which you do your job, there are rules in place to protect you.

McTeague Higbee in Topsham, Maine, has represented workers in a variety of industries since 1976, giving them a voice to advocate for their rights. Whether you have been injured in a workplace accident or believe discrimination played a role in your termination, the attorneys of our firm can help.

Advocates For Workers’ Rights In Maine

Talking to a lawyer about conditions at your workplace might feel strange. These are stressful situations, where your livelihood might be on the line. We strive to relieve this stress and position our clients for a better future by providing guidance on:

Employment law covers a broad range of topics, from employee privacy to protections for whistleblowers. Essentially, your employer owes you certain duties, both relating to physical safety and your fundamental rights. Make sure those rights are upheld by contacting us about your case.

Know Your Rights As An Employee

If you have been injured or experienced harassment, or if you have concerns about your wages at work, we are here to help. Call 207-725-5581 to schedule a no-cost initial consultation about your case.