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Lawyers, Allies, and Advocates for Maine People for Over 30 Years

It's all about fairness.

No one ever expects they'll need an attorney. But the unforeseen happens, and if it does and you feel you need representation, contact McTeague Higbee. Since 1976 our firm has represented the people of Maine. Our attorneys fight to make sure your rights and interests are protected.  We dedicate ourselves to fighting for justice for all. We provide assistance with:

With us by your side, you'll know your case will be handled by a team of professionals who care deeply about one thing: your well-being.

For all who need a voice

When your rights are violated, you need representation, because fairness under the law is not a luxury for some, it's a right for all. We believe it, we live it, and we fight for it. If you wonder if you need an attorney, contact us for a free consultation. We're licensed to practice in state and federal courts. We're here to help.

Contact  McTeague Higbee at 207-725-5581 for a free initial consultation.