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Who Is Most At Risk For A Workplace Injury?

The majority of employers are required to offer workers’ compensation benefits for employees who are injured on the job. But, some workers in Maine have more dangerous jobs than others, making them more likely to need these benefits.

McTEAGUE HIGBEE provides legal guidance for all workers seeking compensation for their injuries. Since 1976, we have given a voice to these workers, ensuring they get the help they need to get back on their feet. Even if your job includes inherent dangers, you should not be expected to recover alone.

Mill And Shipyard Injuries

Between heavy equipment, toxic chemicals, and risky work surfaces, mills and shipyards are among the most dangerous places to work. Workers in steel mills risk burns and chemical exposure every day. Falling debris can cause serious head injuries in any of these environments. Workers injured in a mill or shipyard often have severe injuries, making it even more important to consult with a workers’ comp attorney about possible compensation.

Injuries Sustained By Nurses

Some may be surprised to learn that nursing has the highest rate of nonfatal job-related injuries. Nurses can be injured while lifting or repositioning patients and equipment, many are even assaulted while at work. Workers’ compensation helps nurses recover from all of these injuries, plus the emotional damage and stress that comes with the job.

Construction Site Accidents

Workers in construction are most at risk for falls, being struck by machinery or materials, and injuries from lifting or repetitive motion. These injuries are frequent and vary in severity. In many cases, the circumstances surrounding the injury are complex. That is where we come in.

With decades of experience in workers’ compensation, our attorneys are ready to stand up for you and give you a voice.

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